• Deborah Hansen

Kicking 2017 to the curb....

Let’s kick this one to the curb.


It was NOT a very good year…..

We have those once in awhile, right?

So, rather than beat this one to death (like it nearly did me), I’m moving on to the new year with some new goals and hopefully a new attitude.

It has become painfully evident that my work and my persona have become so intertwined that I can’t separate them. I’m trying to find that little frayed piece of string on the spool so I can pull my work away from ME. It’s tough; I’ve been working since I graduated from college, with one break to have a baby

As most of us age, we have that ephemeral word “retirement” floating around in our distant future, the brass ring at the end of the road. But which road? Our work road or THE road?

Let’s work on that together during 2018. Stay tuned!

Retirement is not in my vocabulary.

They aren't going to get rid of me that way.

Betty White

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