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Ballroom and Latin Dance

The first time I walked into a Ballroom dance studio, I was there to take ONE lesson just to say I did it.


Now, after nearly 10 years of instruction, a competition, and participation in a local Dancing with the Stars event, I can attest that it’s quite addictive! Plus, I get to wear beautiful clothes and sparkly shoes!

And in a fitting addition to my dance journey, today I was asked to train to be a ballroom / Latin dance instructor at a local studio! And, although I can't undertake that at this late date for many reasons, the fact that I was asked pleases me beyond words! 


I have learned to do just about every dance one might need in a typical social dance situation. I feel confident on the dance floor, but I also no longer worry that I’m being judged on my ability. I’ve learned to have fun, above all else. And that doesn't mean just on the dance floor!

Dancing has added a layer of beauty –and great exercise!—to my life, an activity that I hope to practice until I simply cannot take another step.

Deborah Hansen

The DCJ Dancers

The DCJ Dancers is a totally volunteer group of professional and amateur dancers who visit Senior Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, or similar facilities. The Dancers will demonstrate a variety of Ballroom and Latin dances, and then teach a short lesson to any interested residents.

The research on the benefits of dance for the elderly is vast and readily available. 

Total time: 3o minutes

If you are interested in volunteering or scheduling the Dancers, contact Deborah at  


All for the love of dance........ 

DCJ at ALF in Jacksonville
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