Follow the Yellow Brick Road.....

June 26, 2019


I know that my “attitude will determine” my day.


I embrace the idea that my thoughts will manifest themselves, especially if I’m “woke.”


And that karmic wheel WILL keep churning. You betcha.  I didn’t get to be this age by ignoring great advice, at least when anyone bothered to advise me.


At this point on my personal timeline, though, I can handle a crappy day and I don’t need anyone whispering in my ear that it will all magically disappear if I would only tweak my attitude just a tad.


Like I’m somehow to blame for the fact that life just sucks sometimes and we get caught up in the mess and have to deal with it. Walking into the room of a dementia patient who is shrieking that “they’re taking over the facility!!” or being abandoned by someone you trusted and relied on won’t simply disappear POOF! by a snappy “Have a GREAT day, ya hear?!”


It just won’t.


I have sent so many happy thoughts out to the ever-eavesdropping Universe that I imagine she’s exhausted from listening to me already. I’m done talking.


So, it’s not that the truisms aren’t, well, true. It’s that people my age have experienced that inexhaustible wheel of life turning for many years, with or without us. We know by now that we are extraneous to it all and we’re ready (even happy, dare I say?) to let it do its thing as we sit back with our feet up and watch.


Or, even better, I’ll step out the room and find something else to do as life keeps churning along.


You have a wonderful day, OK? Just adjust that attitude a bit and smell the roses as you follow the yellow brick road.





The good part about getting older is you stop trying to prove anything

to anyone, including yourself.
Twinkle Khanna


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