Seven Decades.....

June 25, 2019






I wanted a relationship, but he just needed a place to live.


How can I still be getting this so wrong as I enter my seventh decade?


Yes, you read that right. SEVEN decades.


Many of you are retiring with your heart mate, the person you have maneuvered the landmine called “marriage” for your own decades, and yet here I am, still looking for “the one.” You’re traveling and taking selfies in front of grand monuments and eating exotic foods. I’m rearranging my house back into a space for one. Again.


It should be funny—well, to everyone but me it probably is funny—but it’s exhausting to me. Can you even picture DATING at your age?? The world today is full of fake people, fake profiles, fake ingredients. It’s all just fake.


About two years ago, I thought I had found “THE ONE.” What I discovered is that all the advice young people are given about how to find that elusive person is actually correct. It’s just too bad no one taught ME any of that great advice. Now I’ve been taken in by a charming hunk that has been spending HIS six plus decades bouncing from one unsuspecting woman to another, never actually asking for money or help yet getting plenty of it anyway. (Read CHARMING and HUNK over again above if I lost you there.)


When I thought we were working on our relationship, he headed for the door.  TALK about what wasn’t working?? Communicate over breakfast instead of scrolling through our timelines? That was a bit too close for him, it seems, a bit too permanent sounding.


He just didn’t tell me until after the door was swinging shut behind him.




 All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things

are very easy to get.



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